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Invite your network to assess your professional strengths, skills and profile.


Approve selected assessments and grow a trustworthy, distinguished reference profile.


Show your unique reference profile to recruiters, network, partners, clients and colleagues.

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The Creative, The Leader or The Strategist?

Truference is more than just a résumé. It empowers you to tell your unique personal story in the most believable and trustworthy way – your references and connections. Let your connections grow your professional profile and become attractive, relevant and visible.

"A remarkable problem solver with the skills to walk the extra mile and the attitude to make it fascinating."
Daniel Sonesson, at Sup46 Startup People of Sweden
Client/Partner/Consultant at Jobla
"Daniel is a top performing strategist with a big heart and big mind for people and business and a passion for all things digital."
Tommie Cau
Was managed by Daniel at Jobla
"Fredrik is a calm and clear leader. He exudes a sense of security and has a huge knowledge in economics and management."
Jonas Andersson
Client/Partner/Consultant at Phone Family

8 out of 10 recruiters trust mostly in employee referrals!

Having your résumé online is a must to be found. But to win your dream job you must have good references and recommendations. Truference has gone beyond putting inflated recommendations online. We create a personal profile out of your strengths, according to those who know what you are like at work. Letting your references telling of your strengths, is the most powerful, trustworthy and relevant way to stand out in the crowd.